Sustainability Trends Cracked by Gen Z

Sustainability Trends Cracked by Gen Z

We want to share something SUPER cool with you. Meet Ella Starling 👋 Ella is in her final year at uni and for her final year project she created Retake Trends, a magazine focussed on sustainable alternatives to current and future consumer trends. ♻️✨

She interviewed me all about My Skin Feels and let me tell you, when we got my hands on the final mag, I was blown away! 😱

Not only did she word it perfectly but she art directed all the photography, designed and created the entire thing and has genuinely given use some super useful forecasting tips. ✨

The future is bright when you have talent like Ella re-thinking the future of sustainability. It shows just how important it is to share your story with the younger generation, to let them have a go at putting their spin on it, share their ideas and give them space to create.

Mintel, if you’re reading this, you 100% have future superstar in the making. ⭐️ Thank you so much Ella for featuring me, MSF and for sharing your brilliant project with us!

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