Mandarin Fruit Juice Waste

8kg of fruit waste = 1 litre of ingredients

We take water used from squeezing fresh, organic, Mediterranean Mandarins that would otherwise go to waste. This nutrient-dense water includes a whole host of antioxidants that can be used by the skin to brighten and perfect skin tone and texture. 

This means we don't use any ‘new water’ in our products, so this planet-loving alternative gets a big thumbs up from us and an even bigger thumbs up from Mother Nature.

  • Our suppliers use an environmentally friendly, cold process to obtain organic orange juice concentrate. This is used for squash, juice and other products in the food and beverage industry 
  • Like when you reduce down for jam making, our suppliers reduce down the fruit juice to get a concentrate
  • On one side of the machine, you’re left with a concentrate, on the other, you’re left with the water that was in the fruit
  • It’s this antioxidant-rich water that we take and use in our fruity products

Olive Oil Waste

100kg of Olives = 2kg of ingredients

We use by-products from the organic Italian Olive Oil industry (the OG’s of OO) that would otherwise go to waste to create our super smooth moisturiser.

This wonder plant is packed with antioxidants and has been used for thousands of years to enhance the complexion. Our unique skin mimicking blend includes Olive Pomace to help your skin better absorb our products for bright, healthy, resplendent skin all day long.

  • Our glorious skin-softening properties come from the industry of Italian Olive Oil production
  • To make olive oil, our manufacturers take freshly harvested olives and squash them in a press
  • On one side of the press, you’re left with the golden oil and on the other, you’re left with a cake of olive leftovers – this is called a pomace
  • Our partners then take the waste pomace which would otherwise go to landfill
  • They process it using high-tech green chemistry to obtain a nourishing liquid that’s very similar to the texture of the skin, and this is what goes in our products

Tomato Ketchup Waste 

We take Italian tomato skin from the ketchup and tomato sauce industry that was destined for the trash and turn it into a skin superfood that’s packed full of antioxidants.

These skin-brightening antioxidants protect the complexion from free radicals (generated by UV rays, pollution, and other environmental toxins) and can work to brighten pigmentation leaving the skin feeling nourished, soothed, and radiant.

  • We take tomato skins leftover from the tomato sauce industry
  • Our manufacturers use an environmentally friendly cold process to obtain tangy tomato sauce
  • They put juice tomatoes via a high-tech filtration process, leaving us with the skins
  • The skins go to our partners who apply a high-tech biotechnology process
  • They use friendly microorganisms (like the ones you use to make bread or beer) to break down the vegetal tissue of the tomato skin releasing all the antioxidant-rich goodness that was locked inside
  • After this process is completed out comes a magical liquid that we use in our juicy products

Breakfast Oats 

We take soothing organic, Italian oat waste leftover from the food and breakfast industry and ferment it before it goes into our skin-loving products. 

This unique fermentation process helps to increase their natural antioxidant and amino acid content, to reduce inflammation and balance the skin’s microbiota. The result is an active ingredient that helps to reduce breakouts and prevent dry skin, leaving the complexion feeling calm, restored and unbelievably soft.

  • Our manufacturer has figured out a way to ferment ingredients that would traditionally not be able to be fermented. They use a special type of chemistry that uses a two-fold process working with enzymes instead of chemicals
  • This two-fold, bio-technology process hyperferments the oats.
  • First, they add enzymes to the oat waste to break down the cell wall of the plant, opening them up and releasing the little amount of sugar that’s entrapped in its cells
  • Then they use a secondary, innovative blend of enzymes to go in and eat the sugar (much like when you make kombucha)
  • The liquid at the end is full of brilliant active ingredients that leave the skin restored, soft and oh-so soothed

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