We WON! Marie Claire Skin Awards

We WON! Marie Claire Skin Awards

Ok so, something MEGA cool happened!!

We just got to see our brand WIN Best Small Business in the Marie Claire Skin Awards! 😱


Marie Claire Skin Awards

What a total honour it was to see ourselves alongside some pretty huge brands and some other incredible winners. We just wanted to say a huge thank you to the amazing team at Marie Claire for seeing us and recognising the journey we’ve been on. 🥹

It's no easy feet to launch a brand and to put yourself out there. We've been on such a huge journey not only as a business, but personally too. Receiving this award, has meant the world to us in more ways than we can express.

Thank you for your support you will never know how much it means.

Check out the other winners and what Marie Claire had to say about our business here...  

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