As seen in Vogue... (again!) 😱

As seen in Vogue... (again!) 😱

What's better than being featured in British Vogue once?

Being featured  in British Vogue twice! 😱✨🎉

We can’t quite believe we get to say that our Healthy Hydrating Moisturiser has been featured in Vogue twice in two months. Once in the Sustainable Beauty issue and this time in the Skincare Special! 🫧

Thank you SO much to the incredible team at Vogue andfor understanding the essence of our brand and putting it into words so perfectly.

'Mindful manufacturing is thankfully par for the course in today's beauty industry, but My Skin Feels, a Brighton-born skincare brand, is setting new sustainability standards. At the core of its two products is an antioxidant-rich blend of ingredients rescued from the Italian food and drinks industry. Case in point? Tomato skins, usually a waste product of tomato sauce, are full of skin brightening vitamin C, while nutrient-dense water that's unused in orange juice manufacturing means no new water is necessary.'


If this doesn’t prove that we’ve got waste all wrong, that in fact one person’s trash is most definitely one person’s treasure, then we don’t know what will. We will always find beauty in waste and thank you to Vogue for sharing our mission and for proving that beauty can be done a little differently! ❤️

Check out, My skin Feels Moisturised, our Healthy Hydrating Moisturiser (as seen in Vogue twice - eek!) here...


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