'Magic Cream' - Real Customer Review

'Magic Cream' - Real Customer Review

Let's just say when we received this email, tears were had.

As a brand, this is the kind of email that you can only dream of receiving from a customer. If nothing else comes out of our journey, knowing that we helped Lydia and her Mum, means we can take off our hat and know that our job is done.

We thought you might like to read to too.



'Hi There, 

I don’t often email companies but I felt I must do this time - and for only the best reason!

My daughter is 3 and I have been using baby shampoos for her. However, she had been getting noticeably sore behind her ears which a month or so ago became very weepy and even bleeding. I felt terrible. I tried a few things, less hair washing, keeping her hair clipped off her ears. I tried so many products looking for as many natural ingredients as I could to find something that would be soothing and not irritate her sensitive areas behind her little ears.

I saw your brand at Whole Foods and that you are a cruelty free brand, organic, vegan and sustainable - all the values we love and respect in our home too! I bought your moisturiser and it’s been a. Godsend!

Since using a touch of moisturiser behind each ear at bedtime we have seen a remarkable different in no time. Her little sore ears are began healing, less weeping and started to improve and most importantly my daughter wasn’t upset anymore and not noticing her sores.

The moment she gets out of swimming lesson she rinses her hair and asks for her “magic cream”! We are so so very happy to have found something natural to be gentle for us! It’s more expensive than we would normally afford and be able to buy however it’s been so very worth every penny to see our little girl happy and not constantly scratching and in pain.

Also the friendly happy packaging is very appealing to my little lady, who has rejected any previous creams I have tried for fear of “stingy ears”!

I notice we are often complain quickly but are slower to compliment and spread the word on smaller brands - so this is a reason I wanted to send a email to share our healing journey and how much happier my little girl so now. So a big grateful thank you for your product and to let you know I will be bragging about My Skin Feels e to all my friends and mummy friends.

Thank you again, Lydia and little Matilda x'



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